Disinfectants for means of transport for people

The use of disinfectants in buses, trains, aeroplanes and other means of transport for people must be done with disinfectants that are authorised for 'Means of transport intended for people'. There are still few such authorisations. With the increased use of disinfectants due to the coronavirus, there is a much greater need for disinfectants for this scope of permitted use that are also effective against viruses.

If you want your disinfectant to be authorised in the future for disinfecting means of transport intended for people, make sure that the Ctgb includes this scope of permitted use in the legal conditions for use of your product. This can be done in an initial application for authorisation of a disinfectant or an application for an extended authorisation of a currently authorised disinfectant.

To substantiate a virus claim, you must provide studies to demonstrate that your product is effective against viruses (see ECHA's requirements for virus studies in the guidane on Efficacy).

As yet, no additional studies need to be provided to substantiate the claimed use in means of transport intended for people. However, a good description of the use must be submitted (method of use, whether or not to rinse afterwards, waiting time until people can use the means of transport again and the estimated maximum number of uses per day).

Based on the application, the Ctgb will create a separate part of the assessment to determine whether a disinfectant can be used safely in means of transport intended for people.