Allocation of ZRMS for recently authorized new products, based on active substances close to renewal

For most plant protection products containing active substances from AIR 3- AIR 4 (up to group 3) the Central Zone Steering Committee (CZSC) has already assigned a ZRMS for the renewal of authorized products.

However, after finalization of the allocation processes, several new products have been authorized based on the above mentioned substances. Consequently for these products a ZRMS has not been assigned.

Request for affected authorisation holders

We kindly ask all affected authorisation holders of new products, with no ZRMS assigned for their renewal yet, to provide the information necessary to facilitate worksharing between member states in the Central Zone.

Please use the spreadsheet below for this information, and include new products only (products that have already been assigned to a ZRMS should not be included). Please follow the instruction.

This spreadsheet is also available on CIRCABC: ZRMS request for new PPP based on AIR 3-AIR 4 (up to group 3) - article 43_template

(CIRCABC  > SANTE > PPP Zonal>Library>Zonal steering Committee Center>Public information).

Deadline March 15, 2021

You are kindly requested to return by e-mail the completed spreadsheet by 15th  March 2021 to the secretariat of the Central Zone.