Inventory of future renewals of product authorisations with AIR 4 substances

To ensure a balanced distribution of tasks between the Member States, the Central Zone Steering Committee (CZSC) has requested authorisation holders and applicants to provide an overview of expected renewals of product authorisations. This concerns the future renewals of products based on substances from the AIR 4 programme as defined in Article 43 of the plant protection regulation. This inventory cycle only includes products based on substances from group 4 of AIR 4. The inventory of groups 1 to 3 was completed in 2019.

The competent authorities in Germany and the Netherlands act as the Secretariat of the CZSC. Its responsibilities include the allocation of tasks within the central zone in Europe. In December 2020, the Member States requested authorisation holders and applicants for the relevant products to submit the data for their products based on substances from group 4 of the AIR 4 programme to the CZSC Secretariat by means of a completed Excel table. In all Member States, the data for these products must be grouped into one table for each authorisation holder.

If the authorisation holders have not yet received a request, the table can also be found on the CIRCABC website: AIR-4 group 4 article 43 template: CIRCABC> SANTE> PPP Zonal> Library> Zonal steering Committee Center> Public information.

Deadline February 15

Please send the completed table by email to the CZSC Secretariat. The deadline is 15 February 2021. In mid-2021 the Secretariat will inform the authorisation holders about the allocation of the applications for renewal to the Member States in the Central Zone. The first applications for renewal of product authorisations are expected in October 2021.