Faster public disclosure of studies concerning the safety of plant protection products

According to a new provision in EU law, studies supporting the safety of active substances in plant protection products will be disclosed before the assessment process begins. This provision applies to all dossiers that correspond with applications submitted after 26 March 2021. The dossier contains studies that demonstrate that the substance is safe for humans, animals and the environment. The EU provision also applies to assessments by the Ctgb. In all cases, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is responsible for the public disclosure. The organisations involved have noted that such disclosure is increasingly being requested by NGOs and the general public. The policy on immediate public disclosure results from an amendment to the EU General Food Law from April 2019. This was an initiative of the European Parliament with the aim of enhancing the transparency of the authorisation procedure for plant protection products and other products.

Requesting confidentiality is still possible

Under certain conditions, companies can still request that parts of a dossier or a study be kept confidential. If the dossier is being processed in the Netherlands, the Ctgb will decide on this request in consultation with EFSA. Objections and appeals against the Ctgb's decision on confidentiality are possible, both for the owner of the information and for other interested parties.