Ctgb publishes imidacloprid studies

This press release was published in Dutch on may 2, 2019.

Following a long-running objection and appeal case from 2012 by the Bee Foundation and authorisation holder Bayer CropScience, the Ctgb decided in April 2019 to disclose 85 studies with products based on imidacloprid. The studies are public with the exception of personal data and, among other things, GLP and analysis certificates of laboratories. The Ctgb previously decided to provide partial disclosure, but was not allowed to execute this decision due to legal proceedings.

The Ctgb used the studies in 2011 in decisions to amend the authorisation of plant protection products based on the active substance imidacloprid. Because of this, the results of the study may also have led to the rejection or restriction of an application, and therefore they do not always reflect the effects of products that are on the market. In the meantime, 10 out of 12 of the products in question are no longer on the market. The approval conditions for the active substance imidacloprid have radically changed with the Implementing Regulation (EU) No 485/2013 and later with the Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2018/783. The assessment framework has also changed. After reading the disclaimer, the files can be downloaded via the hyperlink under ‘Openbaar gemaakte studies neonicotinoïden’.


We are aware that these documents are not the property of the Ctgb. The documents might be subject to third-party rights, including intellectual property rights and a data protection arrangement. The use of a study or its contents without the permission of the beneficiary can therefore be prohibited and may constitute an infringement of the rights of this beneficiary