DTG list update published

The crop names and crop groups that are used on the statutory conditions of use are laid down in the Definition List, Scope of Permitted Use, Plant Protection Products (DTG). An update of the DTG (version 2.2) was published at the beginning of June. The update mainly consists of the addition of a number of new crops and crop groups and is relatively limited in size.

The new list must be used from 1 September 2019 onward. The submission date is therefore important: applications that have already been submitted will be processed in accordance with the current version of the DTG at the time of submission. For certain applications, as in the past, no update of the DTG version is required; this concerns applications for minor uses (Art. 51, NLKUG) and the NLWG and administrative applications.

In addition to the DTG version 2.2 itself, a list with previous terms and corresponding new terms will be published to make it easier to implement existing legal conditions for use. In addition to the Dutch crop names, the DTG list also contains an English translation and, if available, the corresponding EPPO code. These can be used when preparing the GAP.

The version of the DTG list that was used when preparing legal instructions for use is always stated in these instructions.