Revised intake procedure for plant protection products has begun

In November the transition to a revised intake phase for applications for plant protection products began: the deadlines for correcting incomplete or inconsistent applications will be shortened. This step was taken because reducing the total turnaround time for processing applications was shown to be key point for improvement. The change to this procedure has been formalised in the new Administrative Regulations on the Authorisation Procedure for Plant Protection Products and Biocides Ctgb 2018. These administrative regulations were published in the Staatscourant on 17 December.

Deadlines for correcting incomplete or inconsistent applications during the intake phase

During the intake phase, the focus is exclusively on the assessability of the application and dossier. A dossier that is complete and consistent is deemed assessable. If essential components appear to be missing during the intake, the applicant will be given the opportunity to supplement the dossier within a limited amount of time. These deadlines are as follows:

  • one week to submit or supplement the legal conditions for use, or the table on Good Agricultural Practice; (WG and GAP);
  • two weeks to provide missing data or replace evidently unusable data from the application.

These deadlines can be extended only if the missing or inconsistent data cannot be attributed to the applicant or should not be at the risk of the applicant. If essential components are still missing after the deadline, the application is deemed inadmissible. In that case the applicant can, if desired, amend the dossier and submit a new application.