Europe agrees to first Union authorisations of biocides reviewed by the Ctgb

Since 30 May, the first authorisations of biocidal product families have been granted for the whole of the European Union. The Standing Committee on Biocides agreed to the authorisation of four biocidal families for the entire European Union. This is the first time that the European Commission itself has authorised products. Two of these first Union authorisations were assessed by the Ctgb. The other two were obtained through a Same Biocidal Product procedure.

An application for Union authorisation is assessed on the basis of the BPR, the European Biocidal Products Regulation. The applicant must submit its application centrally to ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency, indicating in which country it wants the European assessment to be carried out and confirming that similar conditions of use apply throughout the Union. On the basis of the assessment of the evaluating Member State – in this case the Netherlands – and discussions with other Member States in European working groups, the Agency issues a recommendation to the European Commission, which ultimately decides.

An authorisation decision from the European Commission means that products can be marketed in all member states. Member States may, where appropriate, request that certain conditions be adapted to the specific situation in their country. This harmonised authorisation procedure contributes to an efficient working method and a level playing field for all producers of biocidal products.

Union authorisations have been obtained for biocidal product families for dairy farming, which means that iodine-based products for the disinfection of udders before and after milking will become available throughout the European Union.