New restriction phrases and warning phrases

The Ctgb has drawn up a list of unambiguous restriction and warning phrases. Restriction phrases indicate conditions within which a product can be safely used. This will be checked. Warning phrases indicate a potential risk for a specific use. The assessment does not reveal any risk, but the product may, if misused, damage other crops or contaminate water, for example.

Included in the conditions of application of many products are restrictive phrases that contain additional requirements due to the risks. In recent years, the set of restrictive phrases has continued to expand to a total of 143 phrases. For several products, some phrases were not consistently worded, intended to be similar to a greater or lesser extent, or were no longer valid due to changing regulations.

At the request of the Ctgb, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and the Association of Water Boards (Unie van Waterschappen) examined the existing restriction phrases on their enforceability and ability for compliance. This showed that it is (very) difficult to comply with and enforce the majority of these phrases. New lists of more unambiguous phrases have been drawn up, clearly distinguishing between restriction phrases and warning phrases indicating a potential risk for a specific use.

The list is only available in Dutch.