New version of EFSA Pesticide Residue Intake Model (PRIMo)

From 1 February, applicants must calculate the risk for consumers with PRIMo revision 3. After that date, revision 3 of the EFSA PRIMo model will go into force and the Ctgb will use the new version for new applications (submitted from 1-2-2018). The model and corresponding guidance document (instructions for use) are available online.

EFSA PRIMo is an Excel-based standard model that is used at the EU level for assessing the risk of pesticide residues for consumers. The PRIMo model is used in all types of applications within the EU.

PRIMo model revision 2 has been used since 2007. The new model had to be adapted to include the most recent information about food consumption in Europe. The new version of the model (revision 3) has been modified with the following:

  • new intake data on exposure via food;
  • a modification of the classification of foodstuffs based on the latest version of Annex I of Regulation (EC) 396/2005;
  • more regulations for processed products.

The guidance document: Use of EFSA Pesticide Residue Intake Model (EFSA Journal 2018;16(1):5147) provides complete instructions for use.