Updated Evaluation Manual now available

In the Netherlands the amendments to the Environmental Activities Decree went into force on 1 January of this year. The Ctgb therefore requests applicants who are submitting a dossier after 1 March 2018 to do so in accordance with the provisions in the amended Environmental Activities Decree. This applies in particular to the national addendum and the Legal Conditions for Use (wettelijk gebruiksvoorschrift). The Evaluation Manual has been updated based on the changes in the Environmental Activities Decree.

These changes were implemented in the sections on surface water (Chapter 6, Dutch part) and terrestrial non-target organisms (Chapter 7, Dutch part). The changes primarily concern the drift deposition values for the assessment of risks for aquatic organisms and other non-target organisms in field cultivation.

Individual drift-reducing technologies have now been classified/grouped into classes according to the DRT classification. The updated version of the Evaluation Manual includes the drift deposition values for the various classes. It also explains how the Ctgb deals with the technologies for which a transition period is allowed in the Environmental Activities Decree and how additional drift reduction—based on the risk assessment by the Ctgb—is shown on the label.

Furthermore, the updated version specifies how the purification requirement in greenhouse horticulture (at least 95% for organic substances) is included in the assessment.

DRT classification (in Dutch)