Template for national addendum fate has been changed

The template for the national component of the assessment of environmental behaviour and fate (national addendum fate) has been changed. We request that applicants use this new template beginning on 1 January 2018. For applications that will be submitted between now and 1 January 2018, Ctgb will take responsibility for changing to the new template.

The template has been changed due to the implementation of the emission reduction plan (ERP), a method to reduce exceedances of water quality standards. As a result, the evaluation of exceedances of water quality standards now falls under the authority of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and is no longer the responsibility of Ctgb.

Ctgb assesses measurement data in surface water based only on the authorisation standard for aquatic organisms. However, exceedances of water quality standards will be included for detection purposes in the authorisation assessment.

Authorisation holders who conclude, based on an emission reduction plan, that a change in their authorisation is required can submit an application to amend their current authorisation to Ctgb.