Extended authorisation with new minor uses is no longer possible during pending re-registration of PPPs

An application for re-registration (renewal) of a plant protection product (according to Article 80 (EU) 1107/2009) may include authorised minor uses or pending applications for extended authorisation of minor uses. In addition, during the assessment of an application for renewal we are sometimes asked to accept an application for extended authorisation with minor uses (NLKUGH). As of 1 January 2018, this will no longer be possible.

If an application for renewal is pending, an extended authorisation with minor uses can only be requested based on the existing authorisation. After the decision on renewal has been made, this extended authorisation becomes void. When the authorisation is renewed, it is possible to apply for an extended authorisation with minor uses on this basis.

The possibilities for extending authorisations with minor uses during pending renewals (according to Article 43 (EU) 1107/2009) are being laid down in a policy decree.