New template for Legal Conditions for Use

Applications for authorisation, extended authorisation or amendment of an authorisation for a plant protection product include a proposal for Legal Conditions for Use: the ‘WG proposal’. This is based on a standard WG template (WG format). From 1 July 2017, all WG proposals must use the new WG format 2.2.

The most important change in WG 2.2 is that the WG no longer makes a distinction between restrictions based on the risk assessment and recommendations of the authorisation holder. On the WG proposal, applicants indicate which part of the risk assessment the restriction sentences relate to. This happens if a restriction sentence is added to the WG or is changed. In addition, applicants must explicitly indicate when a restriction sentence from Product Stewardship is included in the WG proposal.

The references to the risk assessment or Product Stewardship will not be included in the final Legal Conditions for Use.

WG format 2.2 cannot be used to convert legal conditions for use (WGGA) to legal instructions for use (WG)

In the coming months, the conversion of WGGAs to WGs will take place for the fungicides. For this conversion, it is not necessary to use WG format 2.2; WG format 2.1 is sufficient for this conversion.

WG 2.2 is not valid for requests for minor uses. This is because applicants must use the same WG format that was used for the most recent authorisation of that product.

The WG format 2.2, including manual, can be downloaded from the Ctgb website starting 1 June 2017.