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  1. Evaluation Manual Biopesticides version 2.1

    There are separate European guidelines for microogranisms, plant extracts and semiochemicals. Microorganisms (including viruses) ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 07-04-2023

  2. Work instruction Calculation of the 90th percentile

    Instruction PPP | 14-03-2023

  3. Quality of SPC documents and translations

    Publication | 14-03-2023

  4. Evaluation Manual v. 2023-2

    Evaluation Manual version 2023-2 is published in February 15th, 2023. The Evaluation Manual is a technical instructions and gives ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 15-02-2023

  5. 7. Ecotoxicology

    Assessment framework PPP | 15-02-2023

  6. 7. Ecotox Terrestrial Ecotoxicology: Non target arthropods and plants EU part em2.7

    Assessment framework PPP | 15-02-2023

  7. 7. Ecotox Terrestrial Ecotoxicology: Non target arthropods and plants NL part EM2.7

    Assessment framework PPP | 15-02-2023

  8. Evaluation Manual version 2023-2

    15 Februari - now Product authorisation under the BPR The Ctgb regularly publishes Evaluation Manuals, which are technical work ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 15-02-2023

  9. European framework

    Index: Introduction EU framework Physical-Chemical-Properties Efficacy Human Health Environment In addition to the European ...

    Assessment framework Biocides | 15-02-2023

  10. Form W; minor amendments and withdrawals

    Application for an amendment or withdrawal of an authorisation for a biocidal product. This administrative and minor applications ...

    Application form Biocides | 01-02-2023