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  1. Generic plant protection product in the Netherlands (article 34)

    Is it possible to apply for the authorisation of a generic plant protection product based on article 34 of regulation 1107/2009? ...

    Frequently asked questions

  2. Report of the third visitation of the Netherlands Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb)

    Report | 10-10-2023

  3. Appendix F - Composition Statement

    A composition statement should be filled in to describe the formulation of the product. Along with the composition ...

    Application form Biocides | 09-10-2023

  4. Appendix Chemistry

    Application form Biocides | 09-10-2023

  5. Evaluation Manual Biopesticides version 2023 -2

    There are separate European guidelines for microogranisms, plant extracts and semiochemicals. Microorganisms (including viruses) ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 04-10-2023

  6. Appendix 1 to EM Biopesticides Part 1: Roadmap for SANCO/2020/12258

    The appendices to the EM Biopesticides address specific elements in the assessment of biopesticides to a level of detail that ...

    Assessment framework PPP | 04-10-2023

  7. EM Biopesticides Part 1 Microorganisms version 2.2

    Version 2.1 is extended with Appendix 1: Roadmap for SANCO 2020/12258 ( evaluation of secondary metabobltes).

    Assessment framework PPP | 04-10-2023

  8. Procedure for archiving modelling results for dossier submissions

    Currently Ctgb discusses with stakeholders to come to a workable and suitable procedure for the submission of modelling files. ...

    Instruction PPP | 25-09-2023

  9. 7. Ecotoxicology

    Assessment framework PPP | 20-09-2023

  10. 8. Efficacy

    Assessment framework PPP | 20-09-2023