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Elaboration of criteria for 'practical or economic disadvantages' and 'consequences for minor uses' as part of the agronomic comparison

In Regulation 1107/2009, comparative assessment (CA) is described in Article 5, which states that a product which is a Candidate ...

Decree | 25-05-2016

Application Comparative Assessment

Applicant information to support the process of comparative assessment. To reduce risks products containing substances that are ...

Application form PPP | 08-04-2016

Tariffs decree 2016

Decree | 22-12-2015

Handling of changes to the classification and labelling of authorised biocidal products

Assessment framework Biocides | 01-11-2015

Attractiveness of agricultural crops to honeybees for the collection of nectar and/or pollen

Attractiveness of agricultural crops to honeybees for the collection of nectar and/or pollen. List in Dutch and English.

Decision document board | 15-08-2015

Techincal Guidance Note on comparative assessment

With a view to achieving a high level of protection of human health, animal health and the environment, the biocidal products ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 01-05-2015

Evaluation manual PPP EU & National part v2.0

For applications from 2014 on Evaluation manual version 2.0 should be used: EU part v2.0 NL part v2.0

Assessment framework PPP | 31-12-2014

Note for guidance Implementing biocidal product families

This note outlines a practical approach for the implementation of the new concept of biocidal product family (BPF) based on the ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 01-11-2014

Transitional measures national en BPR authorisations

This document is an attempt to provide guidance in the interest of consistency, and has been drafted by the Commission services ...

Assessment framework Biocides | 31-03-2014

Commission implementing regulation (EU) no. 564/2013

Decree | 13-06-2013