6. Fate behaviour in water NL part EM2.7

The following changes were made to the Evaluation Manual, behaviour in surface water and sediment (NL part):

  • One of the parameters in TOXSWA 1.2 is the reference concentration from which the sorption constant is derived. The default value that is entered in the model is incorrect. This value can be changed. This has been added;
  • The current assessment framework for crop group DTG 8.1 Managed amenity turf (including sports fields and golf courses) calculates for exposure of surface water and non-target organisms without drift reduction. If drift reduction is necessary for such products, the applicant previously had to demonstrate that this is possible for the corresponding crops.
    Following inquiries by the Ctgb at various agencies, it appears that drift-reducing measures are realistic for these uses, and that up to 95% reduction (DRT 95) is possible. Therefore, applicants no longer need to demonstrate this separately, and the DRT classification – in accordance with AB – can also be used for this crop group. Here, however, the DRT class must always be stated on the label (including DRT 75) (also amended in Chapter 7 of the Evaluation Manual).
  • The interim procedure for selecting date-of-use in GEM, as previously described on the Ctgb website, has been added to the Evaluation Manual, Chapter 6, leaching to groundwater (NL part) and behaviour in surface water and sediment (both EU and NL part).