Working document fate and behaviour in the environment

In version 1.1 of the Working Document the most relevant topics with regard the Assessment Dossier for the Section Fate and Behaviour for Zonal Product Dossiers are presented. This document will be implemented per December 1st, 2018 and can also be found on Circabc, the public part.

The document contains instruction regarding:

  • Groundwater and surface water modelling; the parameters to use for modelling are discussed, specifically when to use EU agreed endpoints and when to use ‘new Annex II data’.  In addition, guidance regarding the crops to use and the application date (AppDate tool) is given. It is also stated which scenarios are relevant for risk assessment within the Central  Zone and what should be included in a modelling report.
  • For surface water modelling, in addition, it is reported how STEP 4 refinements can be conducted and reported in a Dossier.
  • Guidance is given on the demonstration and presentation of the (non)-relevance of groundwater metabolites.
  • Guidance is given on the use of the Q10 value in modelling.
  • For Home and Garden use, a tiered approach is presented. The first 2 tiers are included in the Harmonisation Documents, further refinements, if needed, could be done on Member State level.