Greenhouse Emission Model (GEM versie 3.3.2)

As of 1 March 2016, application dossiers that include uses in greenhouses must comply with the Guidance Document on Protected Crops. To determine concentrations of pesticides in surface and groundwater, the Greenhouse Emission Model (GEM) has been developed. 

Since late March of this year, GEM version 3.3.2 has been available in EU pesticide models. Applications with uses in protected crops can now make use of GEM 3.3.2. However, applications based on GEM 1.1.1 will be accepted until 1 October 2016.
In GEM 3.3.2 the scenarios for substrate cultivation have been expanded with several refinements:

  • additional discharge scenarios based on the nitrate emissions standards for 2018-2020;
  • the option of reusing filter rinse water;
  • an application manager (for managing the date of pesticide use relative to discharge date) for the purpose of calculating waiting periods.

All of these options are described in the addendum to the GEM manual. Before installing this version of GEM, it is advisable to read the READ.ME file. New users will benefit from an extensive hands-on training module to learn how to use the new model.