Transitional legislation framework EM Biocidal Products v2.0

Product authorisation under transitional legislation

The BPR 528/2012 provides a number of transitional measures that allow a Member State to continue to apply its current system or practice, to facilitate the transition from the system of the Directive to that of the Regulation. Transitional measures concern (BPR, art. 89) the authorisation of biocidal products with an active substance in the European review programme that is not yet included on the Union list of Approved Active Substances or Annex I of the BPR and (BPR, art. 93) the authorisation of biocidal products not covered by the scope of the BPD 98/8/EC. Information and guidance on national authorisations under transitional legislation is provided in a separate Evaluation Manual:

Transitional Legislation framework

published October 2016 - march 2017


  1. Introduction Transitional Legislation Framework
  2. General data requirements
  3. Aspect specific data requirements
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Approval
  6. Developments Transitional legislation framework
  7. Appendices