Extension of timelines for dossier only in exceptional cases

In exceptional cases, the Covid-19 crisis can lead to delays in compiling dossiers. ECHA has recently published information about biocidal products. No additional agreements have been made for plant protection products. The Ctgb will process a request to extend timelines only if it is thoroughly substantiated and is related to Covid-19.

The applicant must explain why and how much extra time is needed, preferably with supporting documentation from implementing laboratories and an explanation of what actions have already been taken to prevent and limit the delay. This policy complies with the Commission ruling that the length of extension, the justification and the original response period must be in proportion. An extension is granted only once for a short period (one month or several months).

While compiling a dossier, it can be useful for applicants for plant protection products and biocidal products to keep a logbook – with as much concrete information as possible – of delays and restrictions due to the corona crisis. Such a logbook may be useful at a later time. This is in line with a suggestion of the European Commission to ECPA.