New hazard phrase for biocide resistance

The hazard phrase has been changed for disinfectants containing active substances that can lead to resistance (or cross resistance). The change went into force in August 2017.

The hazard phrase now reads as follows: “This product contains the active substance ( of active substance...). Due to possible development of resistance, it is advisable to implement resistance management when using this product.” The sentence does not provide any specific instructions for resistance management. As the products are used by professionals, the term ‘resistance management’ is sufficient. In any case, the product should be used carefully, it should be rotated with products containing other active substances and the efficacy should be periodically monitored. If users are in doubt, they should contact the manufacturer.

RIVM is now considering an advisory request on the use of warning phrases for resistance to disinfectants. These RIVM recommendations could lead to changes to current Ctgb policy. In that case, you will be informed about these changes.