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  1. Application form Derived authorisation

    Application form for: derived trade permit renewal of derived trade permit expanding the field of use of a derived trade permit

    Application form Biocides | 31-01-2024

  2. Appendix F - Composition Statement

    A composition statement should be filled in to describe the formulation of the product. Along with the composition ...

    Application form Biocides | 09-10-2023

  3. Form parallel trade authorisation

    Application form for: parallel trade authorisation renewal of parallel trade authorisation expanding the field of use of the ...

    Application form Biocides | 01-04-2022

  4. Notification Trial permit

    As usual, you must upload the form in R4BP. You will first have to create a file in UICLID for this. It may be a minimally ...

    Application form Biocides | 09-03-2021

  5. Notification import biocide

    Applicants may obtain a parallel trade permit in the Netherlands for a biocide authorised in another Member State, if the ...

    Application form Biocides | 18-11-2020

  6. Immediate Notification by Authorisation Holder

    Form for immediate reporting information about potentially harmful or unacceptable effects indicating that the active substance ...

    Application form Biocides | 24-01-2019

  7. Form Request for information about studies on vertebrates

    Application form to request information on testing vertebrates with a biocide or an active substance to prevent unnecessary ...

    Application form Biocides | 01-11-2018

  8. Form Export certificate biocides

    Application form for an export certificate for the export of an authorised biocide.

    Application form Biocides | 01-11-2018

  9. SPC Product EN at application

    Application form Biocides | 11-05-2017

  10. SPC Product Familie NL after agreement

    Summary of Product Characteristics (Biocidal Product Family) When submitting an application under the Regulation, the applicant ...

    Application form Biocides | 11-05-2017

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