Ctgb Pesticides Database and Website Renewed

The website of the Ctgb and the pesticides database have been renewed. The Ctgb, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the Ministry of Economic Affairs collaborated in a new pesticides database that is enriched with data about applications. The Ctgb website provides in addition to the specialist information for applicants, more general information about biocides and crop protection products.

The new admission database is enriched with data on applications of biocides, insecticides, herbicides and acaricides. Application data of fungicides, growth regulators and other plant protection products follow as soon as possible. There are now more possibilities for filtering and searching data from the database, and the search results can be saved by downloading them as an Excel file.

All data from the database are public and may be used by third parties. You can use the web service (API) and download an Excel file with basic data of all resources (allowed and expired).


The Ctgb website now offers more low-threshold and background information on current themes such as sustainable and safe use. For applicants and authorisation holders, the website still contains content on plant protection products and biocidal products, divided in:

  • general information per application type and an overview of all application forms with relevant attachments
  • procedural information on application procedures in the registration manual
  • in-depth information on the evaluation in the evaluation manual

The tool 'How to apply?' leads the applicants through a number of questions to the desired type of application: instruction on submitting an application and the form it needs.

For questions about the site, please contact the communication team: 0317 – 471 824