Mission, vision and strategy

The Ctgb has a clear mandate: to assess applications for the authorisation of plant protection products and biocides and make decisions about these applications. Since its inception the Ctgb has aimed to fulfil this mandate at the highest level of quality.

In 2015 the mission, vision and strategy were redefined. Due to rapid changes in the operational environment, some aspects of the strategy have been modified. The implementation of the modified strategy will begin in 2016.


The Ctgb is responsible for the expert, science-based assessment of plant protection products and biocides; it contributes to the responsible use of plant protection products and biocides in Europe for humans, animals and the biological environment. Our assessments and recommendations are independent and transparent. They are established within legal frameworks and are based on scientific findings.


The Ctgb operates within the chains linking together legislators, producers, distributors, enforcement agencies, scientists, users, consumers and society. We interact continuously with the participants in these chains. Our roles and responsibilities in the chains are clear and are implemented consistently. Due to our independent position, we are a stabilising factor and we contribute to continuity, effectiveness and predictability.

Strategic objectives for 2016 - 2020


Core tasks

a.    Assessment of substances and products

The assessment of substances and products leads to correct decisions about products and internationally accepted recommendations about substance assessment.

b.    Policy advice to ministries

We provide solicited and unsolicited advice to government ministries and we are fully accountable for this advisory process.

c.    Contribute to and manage assessment systems and implementation frameworks, both procedural and substantive

We review and comment on the development of assessment methods and on procedural and substantive assessment frameworks.

d.    Information provision

We provide information to the various stakeholders and we are fully accountable for this information.

Our professional environment

We participate in the following chains:

a.    Knowledge chains

We contribute to the development of up-to-date assessment methods used by the RIVM. We do this by identifying gaps in the available methods and by sharing our expertise and experience.

b.    Producer–distributor–user–consumer

We contribute to the responsible use of products through independent, transparent assessments and authorisations that are manageable in practice. Our well-informed applicants submit complete and correct applications, which are processed in a timely, efficient and predictable manner.

c.     Legislator–regulator–user

Due to our independent advisory role, we contribute to responsible decision-making and good quality legislation and regulations. We facilitate the safe use of products and the corresponding enforcement by providing access to the necessary information.

d.    European Union–the Netherlands

The Ctgb is viewed internationally as an authoritative body. By playing an active role in the harmonisation process and in knowledge development, we contribute to clear and consistent assessment methods within the EU that comply with the quality standards desired by the Netherlands.