Coronavirus COVID-19

The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) have granted several temporary exemptions for the professional use of hand sanitisers (PT01) and a temporary exemption for the use of surface disinfectants (PT02) in the health care sector.

Derogation hand sanitisers

Hand sanitisers according to specified formulations:

These are products that do not require authorization; may be offered to professional users until the end date mentioned in the exemption decision.

  1. Two hand sanitisers manufactured according to WHO formulations; published in Prolongation temporary exemption (in Dutch) for hand disinfection WHO formulations COVID-19;  expires 4 March 2021.
    • one based on ethanol 80% (v/v), glycerol 1,45% (v/v), hydrogen peroxide 0,125% (v/v)
    • one based on 2-propanol, glycerol 1,45% (v/v), hydrogen peroxide 0,125% (v/v)
  2. Products bases on a minimum of 70% (v/v) alcohol; specified in Prolongation temporary exemption (in Dutch) disinfectants 70% alcohol professional use; expires 4 March 2021.

Expansion authorised hand sanitisers

In addition, there are two exemptions that allow a wider use of authorized hand sanitsers and an exemption that temporarily eases the rules for bringing an authorized disinfectant under the exemptions to the market. These exemptions also only apply to professional users and possibly customers and visitors.

Exemption healthcare

According to Prolongaton temporary exemption (in Dutch) for disinfectants for surfaces COVID-19 2020 (expires expires 4 March 2021) all healthcare professionals may use the following disinfectants for surfaces (PT02) against the coronavirus based on active substances:

  • Alcohols,
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Sodium dichloroisocyanurate