For a general description of this type of application; see characteristics Concerned Member State or characteristics zonal Rapporteur Member State.

Requirements and legislative framework for the zonal application for concerned MS’s and the application for mutual recognition strongly correspond. Simply said, the mutual recognition is a zonal application (NL=CMS) without commentary round.

The legal basis

The legal basisAn application for a national authorisation via Mutual Recognition finds its legal basis in art.40 of Regulation 1107/2009.

Application type criteria

Application type criteria essentially are the same for zonal applications for reporting MS’s, concerned MS’s as well as applications for mutual recognition.

Mutual Recognition can be applied for to obtain:

  • new authorisations,
  • major amendments to existing authorisations:
    • extending (the scope of) the authorisation (also minor uses);
    • major changes in product composition,

Prior condition for an application for Mutual Recognition of a plant protection product requires:

  • that its active substances, safeners and synergists have been approved (art.29 Regulation 1107/2009).
    If the active substance is approved and classified as a Candidate for Substitution, a product application with this active substance will be preceeded by an evaluation of available alternatives. Therefore you have to include the form for a Comparative Assessment.
    Search status active substance in EU pesticides database
  • for use on feed or food crops, that an MRL has been published in the EU that covers the requested use.
    Search published MRL’s in EU pesticide database.

The applications are evaluated according the procedures defined in Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009 and follow the zonal evaluation process.

More information

For information on data requirements, duration period product authorisation and coordination zonal applications by the Central Zone Steering Committee, see characteristics zonal application NL=CMS or NL=zRMS