Minor uses

Many crops are grown on a small scale. In the Netherlands we refer to plant protection products used for such crops as ‘minor uses’ if the production area of the crop falls within certain limits. However, a ‘minor use’ can also refer to the incidental use of a plant protection product on a crop growing on an unusual type of soil or to control an unusual pest or disease on a larger scale crop. Each EU Member State has different criteria for minor uses.

How do you know if you are dealing with a minor use?

For minor uses in the Netherlands, the Ctgb has developed a list with a reading guide. Till november 1, 2019 ,version 2.1 of the List of Minor Uses had to be used; from 1 november 2019 only the List of Minor Uses version 3.0 can be used . Regarding ‘incidental use’ on a large-scale crop, the Minor Uses Desk of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) can provide advice. For a summary of minor uses in other EU Member States, see National Minor Crops / Uses in the European Minor Uses Database (EUMUDA).

The definition of ‘minor’ is locally bounded. The regulation 1107/2009 defines ‘minor use’ as the use of a plant protection product in a particular Member State on plants or plant products which are

a) not widely grown in that Member State; or

b) widely grown, to meet an exceptional plant protection need.

Each Member State applies different criteria to define minor uses. In the Netherlands we refer to crops as ‘minor uses’ if:

  • the production area of the crop falls within certain nationally defined  limits or
  • in case of a larger scale crop, if the use refers to the incidental use of a plant protection product on a crop growing on an unusual type of soil or to control an unusual pest or disease.

The legal basis

The application for extension with minor uses finds its legal basis in article 51 of the PPPR 1107/2009

Extension of a product authorisation with minor uses can be realised via different routes:

Minor uses: different routes

Minor uses: different routes

Additional data protection pursuant to Article 51, extension for minor uses

The additional data protection available for applications with Article 51 ‘Extension of authorisations for minor uses’ pursuant to Article 59(1) subparagraphs 5 and 6 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 is intended to encourage authorisation holders to apply for extensions for minor uses. Submission of an application for an extension for minor uses may therefore entitle the applicant to additional data protection for all substances, co-formulants and product data submitted in connection with a product authorisation.

Implementing this, Ctgb has produced a decision tree to explain how it handles the granting of additional data protection for minor uses applied with Article 51 of Regulation 1107/2009. Several examples are provided below the decision tree for illustration purposes.

Terms and conditions

Minor uses are meant for professional use only. Minor uses can only be authorized within the same function of the product as the regular application. It is therefore, for example, not possible to extend a product with an approved effect against fungi with minor uses with a requested effect against bacteria. The efficacy is not tested in case of an extension with minor uses under Article 51, but is likely because the efficacy of the regular application has already been tested.

Do you want to use the product solely in the Netherlands?

Use 'How to apply' to find out which option is usefull to you, or go directly to:

European bodies

Developments in legislative framework and processes for authorisation of minor uses are addressed at the Minor Uses Coördination Facility  established by the European Commission.