Adjuvants for plant protection products

Adjuvants are defined as mixtures or preparations which are marketed separately and are mixed with a plant protection product before use. Examples of adjuvants are anti-foaming agents, wetting agents, uptake enhancers and sticking agents.

According to Article 58 of the Regulation on Plant Protection Products 1107/2009, an adjuvant must be authorised before it can be placed on the market. The rules for such an authorisation must still be set down in a European procedure. Until that time, the Member States can amend their national legislation regarding adjuvants until a European procedure has been established (Article 81 clause 3, Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009).

The national authorisation of adjuvants (in the Netherlands) is regulated by Article 11.10b of the Rgb: The Board grants an authorisation for an adjuvant, as referred to in Article 2, third clause, part d, of Regulation (EC) 1107/2009, if the applicant demonstrates that the adjuvant does not contain any co-formulants included in Annex III of Regulation (EC) 1107/2009.

Annex III of the Regulation on plant protection products is a list of co-formulants which, as referred to in Article 27 of the Regulation (unacceptable co-formulants), will not be accepted as ingredients in plant protection products. Currently, this Annex III does not list any co-formulants.

To be clear: co-formulants are part of a plant protection product (in addition to the active substance and any safeners and/or synergists), but can also be part of an adjuvant. Therefore, if a co-formulant is listed in Annex III of the Regulation on Plant Protection Products, this co-formulant must not be present in a plant protection product and/or adjuvant.

An authorisation for an adjuvant can be obtained by filling in the Adjuvant application form. In anticipation of European regulations, the Ctgb will only determine or indicate that the adjuvant should be mixed with a plant protection product and that the adjuvant contains no co-formulants from Annex III of the Regulation on Plant Protection Products.

For the corresponding fee, see the Ctgb Tariffs Decree. As part of the authorisation, adjuvants are given an authorisation number.

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