Tariffs based on an advance payment and subsequent calculation

An advance fee is applicable for applications for active substances, zonal applications with the Netherlands as zonal Rapporteur Member State (zRMS) and for NLKUG applications (National expansion with small applications). With these applications it is difficult to predict in advance how many hours the assessment will cost and there is a large variation in the required assessment time between the applications.

The Ctgb will charge the advance fee at the start of the application. For zonal applications (with the Netherlands as zRMS) the experience is that this covers the first assessment. However, if the Ctgb has to ask additional questions – this occurs for the majority of the assessments - a new intake will be made, and a supplementary advance fee will be charged based on this.

Applicants pay an advance fee for the assessment based on the standard costs. Then the risk assessment follows on various aspects, such as human toxicology, ecotoxicology, behavior and fate in the environment, physicochemical properties and efficacy. The costs depend on the required work and that differs considerably per type of application.

Tariffs applications actives substance dossiers:

See Tariff Decree, page 8: Chapter 7  -1. Fees and charges, applications with active substance dossiers.

Tariffs applications Ctgb as Zonal Raporteur Member state (zRMS)

See Tariff Decree, page 9 : Chapter 7 - 2a Fees and charges, applications Ctgb as zonal Rapporteur Member State (zRMS).

Tariffs applications Ctgb as Concerned Member State (CMS)

See Tariff Decree, page 9: Chapter 7 - 2b Fees and charges for applications where the Ctgb acts as Concerned Member State (CMS).

Mutual recognitions plant protection products (WERG)

See Tariff Decree, page 9: Chapter 7 - 2c Fees and charges mutual recognition plant protection products (WERG).

Derivation maximum residue limit (MRL)

See Tariff Decree, page 9: Chapter 7 - 2d Fees and charges, deriving maximal residue limit (MRL).

Tariffs national expansion with small applications (NLKUG)

See Tariff Decree, page 9: Chapter 7 - 2e Fees and charges, applications national authorisation extended with minor uses (NLKUG).

National application to amend the current authorisation (NLWG)

See Tariff Decree, page 10: Chapter 7 - 2f National request for amendment (national addendum) of an authorisation.

Tariffs based on fixed costs

Fixed costs apply for the other applications (category B). In addition to the application fee, assessment costs may be charged.

Annual fee

In addition, the authorisation holder owes the Ctgb an annual fee for each authorsation. See Tariff Decree, page 11: Chapter 7.4 – Annual fee plant protection product.

Service desks request

Service desks request which have to be answered by scientific, procedural, legal or policy experts will be charged. If the answering of your question requires more than 5 hours you will receive an offer in advance.  When you have received an offer it is possible to recall your question. Questions which require no more than 5 hours will be taken care of without prior offer. See Tariff Decree, page 7: Chapter 6 - Fees and charges Service Desk.