Request for meeting

The Ctgb offers request for meeting as a tool for creating better quality dossiers and enhancing the chance of success for your dossier. Request for meeting is suitable for the answering of questions which arise when preparation of the dossier is just starting. When the dossier is nearly completed a request for meeting can be used for adressing remaining questions. However please note that Ctgb does not evaluate dossiers or parts of dossiers in the pre-application phase.

The support we offer is intended to help identify solutions for issues which are not resolved by guidance and regulation. We expect the applicant to be knowledgeable and to prepare possible solutions for any issues which are not addressed by regulation and guidance.

Request for meeting is not intended to address any questions and discussions which require our experts to examine a dossier or the solutions you have prepared in order to identify possible errors or issues.

The type of questions we are expecting to address in a meeting are pin point questions addressing specific issues which you have identified while compiling your dossier. And we invite you to describe why you think there may still be an issue despite the solution you have prepared.

The time to prepare is limited. It is not possible therefore  for our experts to read many documents in advance for the meeting.

Ctgb accommodates 1 RFM per future application in principle. Whenever possible your questions will be answered by email.

Please inform us which expertises you have questions for:

  • Project manager (procedural)
  • Physicochemical properties andAnalytical methods
  • Human Toxicology
  • Environmental fate and behaviour and Ecotoxicology
  • Efficacy

The following need to be received by Ctgb when the RFM is requested:

  • a detailed list of all specified questions that you wish to ask in the meeting (per expertise)
  • Details on specific aspects of the dossier you would like to discuss during the meeting (e.g. specific studies, or part(s) of risk assessments).
  • for meetings on BP or BPF please provide a draft SPC or a clear description of the intended uses

The following need to have been received by the Ctgb three weeks before the meeting date at the latest:

  • the names of the participants,
  • the names and email addresses of participants who wish to take part via teleconference,
  • A detailed agenda for the meeting,
  • your presentation (if available).

Please note that should the above information not be provided by the specified time, this would result in the meeting being postponed to a later date.

The cost of the meeting is calculated by subsequest costing. For more information on our tariffs and fees please refer to our page on Fees and Charges.

Please note that any costs incurred will be invoiced and that costs already made will be invoiced upon cancellation of the request.

The registration form below is intented for a Request for meeting (RFM) of biocidal products or biocidal active substances.

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