Keeping exemption on the market

On 4 March 2021, the exemptions that were granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for placing hand disinfectants on the market will expire.

To keep a disinfectant that has not yet been authorised on the market after 4 March 2021, an application for authorisation/extended authorisation must be submitted to the Ctgb. The following conditions apply:

  • The application must be submitted to the Ctgb and the application fee must be paid before 1 February 2021. The applicant then has until 1 May 2021 to complete the corresponding dossier.
  • As a minimum the product must meet the conditions of one of the current generic exemptions.
  • The applicant agrees that the product for which an authorisation is being applied for will be included by name in an exemption decree and/or published on a website.

Watch our instruction video 'How ta apply for an authorisation' (see link below).